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Do we include the Mr Tiz Trophy - Catalyst's race - in this week's comp


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4 minutes ago, brown fox said:

     Criteria for me Peter is how open are the races.Small fields and raging hot favs. do nothing to advance the days comp.Mind you

the way I'm going lately it at least gets me a few winners😏

Yes I agree on both counts

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I vote not to include any race with horses quoted at $1-30 or less

If Te Akau Shark or Melody Belle was also in the race I’m all for it

When Winx was racing I recall 38 out of the 40 participants picked Winx all 38 including the two who didn’t pick Winx all made a loss on the race, imagine that 38 people picked the winner and not one person won

Many of the Saturday comps goes down to the last race where things can change, imagine if Winx was the last comp race, how flat would the last race feel the result would have been known in comp race 9

Also when I punt I punt to make profit anyone going into the TAB on Saturday and putting a $100 on Catalyst and $100 a win on something else in the race

I’ve had my say and either way I will be happy 

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I'm more concerned about this

My desktop seems to have learnt and won't load Ratshit Cafe, but only when I am bored and have 5 minutes to spare that I possibly could not think of doing anything else when I am out, that I have a look on my swish new Samsung 10.

Whoah!, what do I see, people claiming that Maria runs the best comps, which are very sparse on Ratshit Cafe at the moment

Have they not heard of PJ and his iconic Super Comps, that have been going for probably 15 years.

Sacrilege to even mention anything else in the same breath

The sorcerer and the sorcerer's apprentice, a long way to go yet

Keep Catalyst's race in, saves a few from a downtrou

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25 minutes ago, Maximus said:

Ratshit Cafe

Withdraw and apologise immediately, please, Hesi ..or you will have to relinquish the moral high ground the founders claimed for TRP !! (No put-downs, abusive comments etc)

FWIW, Mustelid Maximus says keep Catalyst's race in. Racing is a funny game, hotpots get beat frequently (could be scratched at the barrier, jockey fall off, woteva). Even when Winx was Winx it was intriguing deciding whether or not to include her in your picks, and the quinellla divvie was sometimes surprisingly high when a wuffie lobbed in to 2nd. 


Happily withdraw and apologise to TRP members

Sometimes the moral ground is the slow ground, so I'm sure you will understand the frustration that surfaces from time to time

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By my reading it looks like 7-4 in favour so I have left it in. It's in the middle of the 'card:" and, as has been pointed out, quinellas can be points of difference even with a short priced fave. After all is he unbeatable ?? Bavella ran 2nd in the Gold Trail (beating Loire) last time she was freshened and Madam Hass is going to be a very good horse. They both receive 4kgs.

I have thrown in a real doozy for the final comp race - The Sunshine Coast Cup where any one of at least a dozen could triumph. Great final comp race with 18 potential runners on a big track. Heaps of chances !

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11 minutes ago, Maximus said:

Mate, there was going to be a well-crafted Media Release from Mustelid PR along those very  lines, but we have been truly gazzumped by your fine work there.
Might have to Niccanova to your place with my Spectroscope (just call me The Avenger) and I'll think of an appropriate place to put it!  Will you  behome, or have you decided to Skate To Paris?


Hey Maxi, you dont go by the pseudonym River Nile by any chance.Your fingers must be very sore.:classic_smile:

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