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Over all the (37) gallops race days starting next Tuesday (Reefton) through Auckland Cup 10 March. You must 'invest' your $100 on at least 20 of the 37 days. This allows anyone to enter as late as Day 17 and plenty of 'NO' bet days if you choose.  Self-scoring with updates posted end of day or when you next post y

Maxi will also put up a $100 prize for the winner (being the highest $$ profit after Raceday 37 (Auckland Cup Day, 10 March). Note highest $$ profit is different from %-age profit, ..so the more days you play the more opportunities to make a higher profit.
For the sake of clarity, you do not have to actually invest the $100, just post the bet(s) 

The prize for the winner of Maxi's $100 NZ Gallops Challenge is $100 in bet(s) to be taken by the winner (and posted on this thread by Max) before 31 March 2024.

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  • $100 bet(s) - real or imaginary. Fixed Odds and NZ Tote prices only. To be posted at the thoroughbred meeting(s) below, 
    Post on this thread at least 1 hour before declared race time.
  • NZ Gallops meetings only - there are 37 race days available.
  • Minimum 20 days of participation to be eligible for the $100 prize. This allows you to have days off.
  • Self-scoring, please post your own updates each time you bet and/or at the end of each day you bet.
  • Winner is the punter with highest $$ profit after Day 37 (who has posted on 20 or more days).
    Prize is a $100 bet(s) courtesy of Max, to be taken and posted on this thread by Max before 31 March 2024
    The fixed odds declared when you post your $100 bet(s) are the odds accepted for the Competition.

RACE DAYS start Tues 9 Jan, end Sat 9 March 2024

Day1      Reefton 

Day 2     Matamata

Day 3    Wanganui

Day 4    Tauranga

Day 5    Trentham/Wingatui

Day 6     Ellerslie

Day 7    Te Rapa

Day 8    Riccarton

Day 9    Trentham/Gore

Day 10  Pukekohe

Day 11  Matamata

Day 12  Hastings

Day 13  Ellerslie/Trentham/Riccarton

Day 14  Te Rapa

Day 15  New Plymouth/Wingatui

Day 16  Tauherenikau

Day 17  Matamata

Day 18  Ascot Park

Day 19  Wanganui

Day 20  Te Rapa/Riccarton

Day 21  Tauranga

Day 22  Taupo

Day 23  New Plymouth

Day 24  Ellerslie/Ascot Park

Day 25  Hastings

Day 26  Pukekohe

Day 27  Wanganui

Day 28  Riccarton

Day 29  Matamata/Otaki

Day 30  Hastings

Day 31  Avondale

Day 32 Ellerslie/Wingatui

Day 33  Tauherenikau

Day 34  Otaki

Day 35  Riccarton

Day 36 Te Aroha

Day 37 Ellerslie/Trentham Sat 9 March – FINAL DAY


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MULTI (3 leg)

M6 Reefton Races R2

10. Pomander

FFTOP3 @2.80

 M6 Reefton Races R4

3. Patsy Spirit

FFTOP3 @1.60

 M6 Reefton Races R5

3. Speedrun

FFTOP3 @1.55

Stake Per Combo $50

3 Leg Multi @6.94

Total Stake: $50.00

Maximum Potential Returns:




M6 Reefton Races R6

2. June Bug

FFWIN @ 3.30

Total Stake: $50.00


Maximum Potential Returns:

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  • pete pinned this topic

All at Bet365 prices (with NZ TAB prices in brackets to prove a point)

1. $20 win Blanche at $8 ($9 on TAB) won

2. $20 win Wind In My Wings at $13 ($14 on TAB)

3. $20 win Raptylight at $3.60 ($3.50 on TAB)

6. $20 win on Ladyswey at $10 ($10 on TAB)

8. $20 win on Gunnar at $17 ($18 on TAB)

At 5pm yesterday these horses were paying.

1. $10

2. $11

3. $4

6. $13

8. $18

If the person banging on about some sort of unfair advantage from using 365 can prove it from these figures I'm all ears.

Of course, in the unlikely event of one of these being late scratched the price could be affected but easy enough to adjust the collect.

A complete mountain out of a molehill.

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9 minutes ago, brown fox said:

Don't know who Curious is but I think he has just destroyed this comp.🤪

I flew the gates in Barry's challenge too, steadily drifted and had no finish. 36 furlongs to go. Staying power required!

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