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Autumn Super Draft Comp Round 4 - Sat Apr 4 - selection thread


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Round 4 - Saturday Apr 4

Good luck everyone and keep safe. Captains need to be vigilant. A few scratched runners were not replaced last week.

N.B. Your two best bets can be placed on any two races of your choice since they are all in the same country.

Races are:

1. Randwick R1 - 2.10pm - Widden Kindergarten Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1100m, 2yos SWs

2. Randwick R2 - 2.45pm - Quincy Seltzer Carbine Club Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1600m, 3yos SW+Ps

3. Randwick R3 - 3.20pm - Newhaven Park Country Championships Final - $400k, 1400m, SWs

4. Randwick R4 - 3.55pm - TAB Adrian Knox Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 2000m, 3yo fillies qlty hdcp

5. Randwick R5 - 4.35pm - Schweppes Chairman's Quality (Gr2) - $300k, 2600m, qlty hdcp

6. Randwick R6 - 5.15pm - Inglis Sires' (Gr1) - $500k, 1400m, 2yos SWs

7. Randwick R7 - 5.55pm - Bentley Australian Derby (Gr1) - $1m, 2400m, 3yo SWs

8. Randwick R8 - 6.35pm - TAB T J Smith Stks (Gr1) - $1.25m, 1200m, WFA 

9. Randwick R9 - 7.15pm - The Star Doncaster Mile (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1600m, hdcp

10. Randwick R10 - 7.50pm - De Bortoli Wines P J Bell Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, 3yo fillies SW+Ps


HALL OF FAME (2nd) vs FIVE-OH (1st)
Jamison (1/2-656.80/652.80) v The Crucible (2/1-766.40/335.80)
Ian (2/1-683.80/800.80) v Punter Pete (2/1-752.80/689.80)
Midnight C (2/1-750.20/890.80) v Moose (2/1-605.80/337.20)
Robert (2/1-636.20/258.80) v John (3/0-622.40/384.20)
Stevie N (2/1-614.60/423.80) v Virgil (1/2-772.60/869.20)

Zac (1/2-533.80/555.80) v Jen (1/2-419.80/470.60)
Howie (1/2-586.80/810.40) v Gordy (2/1-1105.80/483.80)
Craig (0/3-459.80/827.00) v Pam (2/1-520.00/783.60)
Ashoka (2/1-1196.60/1018.80) v Roland (1/2-219.00/378.60)
Rex (2/1-724.20/379.80) v Gee (2/1-560.00/457.60)


Maurice (1/2-737.60/624.80) v Graeme (3/0-625.60/351.80)
Sharne (1/2-322.60/583.80) v Rob (1/2-646.80/586.80)
PJ (2/1-594.20/476.00) v Georgy Boy (2/1-1037.00/542.80)
Tom (0/3-222.80/928.60) v Heather (3/0-357.60/137.80)
Jill (1/2-712.80/723.20) v Max (2/1-752.00/558.20)

COVID-Y (6th) vs THE JAMES GANG (7th)

Rocky (2/1-404.80/347.00) v Blind Squirrel (1/2-608.80/778.00)
Porky (1/2-655.80/607.40) v Hesi (0/3-623.80/948.00)
Ray (2/1-420.80/394.60) v Steve P (2/1-482.80/162.60)
Ziggy (2/1-400.80/485.40) v Jack (1/2-405.40/584.60)
Gary (0/3-174.80/796.40) v Pete (0/3-503.80/1551.80)


1196.60 Ashoka (Much Too Fast)

1105.80 Gordy (Roland's Roughnecks)

1037.00 Georgy Boy (Maximillions)

772.60 Virgil (Five-Oh)

766.40 The Crucible (Five-Oh)

752.80 Punter Pete (Five-Oh)

752.00 Max (Maximillions)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Rocky (2/1-347.00) (Covid-Y)

Moose (2/1-337.20) (Five-Oh)

The Crucible (2/1-335.80) (Five-Oh)

Robert (2/1-258.80) (Hall of Fame)

Steve P (2/1-162.60) (James Gang)

Heather (3/0-137.80) (Maximillions)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Midnight C (2/1-890.80) (Hall of Fame)

Tom (0/3-928.60) (The Tigers)

Hesi (0/3-948.00) (James Gang)

Ashoka (2/1-1018.80)  (Much Too Fast)

Pete (0/3-1551.80) (James Gang)






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6 minutes ago, pete said:

Gary (0/3-174.80/796.40) v Pete (0/3-503.80/1551.80)

Expecting Gary to hit a blinding 600 - 700 dollar total this week.

Gary has the lowest aggregate in the whole comp. The draw Gods have smiled on you at last !

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  • PWJ pinned this topic

Good morning, folks.

Am very much looking forward today to the excellent entertainment that is the PJ Autumn Super Draft Comp.

Us 'Much Too Fast' geniuses up against 'Roland's Ruffians' in a mid-table battle for supremacy today. The 'Ruffians' have strike power all over the park - Captain Roland who was the team star for my 'Mighty Blues' in PJ's previous comp ; another 'Mighty Blues' superstar Gordy who has been knocking it out of the park in recent weeks and currently coming a close second to Ashoka on PJ's 'Magnificent 7' Honours Board ; the irrepressible Gee, commanding officer of the Imperial Airforce .... when he's good he's very good...but when he's bad he's  ........... (I'm sure you're all capable of filling in the gap..hehe). I'd prefer the latter today Gee, if at all possible. 😁 Jen a superstar of previous comps still with plenty of spark, a lady who ca jump up and bite you when least expected. Pam is back ! ...and showing nice touches of form that blend in nicely with the 'Ruffians' aspirations.

But let's forget about them !  Yesterday's news, to be honest.  Let's focus on where the real action will be today - the 'Much Too Fast' illuminaries Ashoka, Craig, Zac, Rex and le Capitan have been aiming towards this`day, and ready to bring home the maximum 10 points to surge in front of all the pretenders and land up leading this here comp.

That's right .... it's Joker  Play day today for 'Much Too Fast' ...... who after today will need to be renamed 'Too Many Points'.  I've booked a spot at the Companies Office to effect that name-change bright and early Monday morning.

My selections today are :-

  • R1) 1x4
  • R2) 3x5          Best Bet 1
  • R3) 1x6
  • R4) 2x3
  • R5) 5x12
  • R6) 1x8
  • R7) 1x7          Best Bet 2         (Go the mighty Dundeel !)
  • R8) 2x7
  • R9) 9x17
  • R10) 2x6


Good luck to my opponent , me Blues' mate Gordy who is really flying in this comp, a champion bloke, who will be a hard man to peg back today.

Let's do this Zac, Craig, Rex & Ashoka. The glory will be ours ! 

Thank you very much for this entertainment today, PJ. A mighty comp, as always. Good luck to you with your selections today, PJ.

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By the way, it was Sir G's(Rex), birthday yesterday, so belated best wishes to you Rex, hope you were able to enjoy it.

Was going to suggest a nice hot curry for your birthday dinner, but then got busy and forgot

All the best Rex


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5 minutes away from work to check scratchings so here goes an effort to remove the selecting curse I am currently carrying.....



1/7 **





2/13 **



Good luck Pete - one of us breaks the duck today. Recovery must come soon

3 of my favourite horses in one race Pierata, Bivouac and Loving Gabby plus Trekking would also normally be in my mix but the toppy might blast them all out

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1. Randwick R1 - 2.10pm – 4,6
2. Randwick R2 - 2.45pm – 4,6
3. Randwick R3 - 3.20pm – 6,12
4. Randwick R4 - 3.55pm – 4,5
5. Randwick R5 - 4.35pm – 8,13
6. Randwick R6 - 5.15pm – 12,13
7. Randwick R7 - 5.55pm – 4,5
8. Randwick R8 - 6.35pm – 10,13
9. Randwick R9 - 7.15pm – 6,14 bb
10. Randwick R10 - 7.50pm – 8,10 bb

All the best to you Zac and the Roughnecks. Thank you Peter.

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Squirrel channelling his inner Joker in honour of our Captain's call (omen tip in the first has to be Damaged!!)

Race 1.  2, 4

Race 2. 3, 5

Race 3. 1, 6 BB

Race 4. 3, 14

Race 5. 2, 12

Race 6. 1, 8

Race 7. 3, 4

Race 8. 2, 4

Race 9. 1, 17

Race 10. 2, 6 BB

Best of luck Rocky -let's go the James Gang!!



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Agree with you Graeme.  Not an easy day.  I was named after an old soldier mate of my Dads.  Dad would have been 100 on April Fools Day if he was still around. See you still got it in for me PJ. Up against the undefeated one again ☺️.


3/5  ****




2/8  ***






Couple of roughies in there.  Good luck Graeme but you may want to take another BB.  Thanks PJ.  GO THE TIGERS

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