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Summer-Autumn Draft Super Comp - Grand Final Day - Sat Apr 20


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(Captains please be alert in case someone in your team goes missing on the last day. It has happened before. It might pay to check in with team mates later in the week)

This is it ! The culmination of the Summer-Autumn Super Comp. This is Finals Day so nothing should be easy about it. This line-up of races will seriously test your skills. I can see some very big (and very small totals) by the end of the day.

We kick off with an Ellerslie Autumn juvenile stakes race where great divvys will be on offer outside the two last-start winners. Then surprisingly we dash over to Sydney for one of those testy races where you probably have never heard of any of the runners so those that can astutely study form might be rewarded. Then its off to Christchurch for one of the Riccarton features - the time-honoured Great Easter - with plenty of form to pick through followed by a devilishly difficult R65 mile where some sweet prices may be on offer.

Then we head north to Ellerslie for the two Group features. Let us hope there are no slip-ups. Finally we head to Sydney for the final 4 races in the comp. The Champagne features a small but highly talented field of babies leading in to the All Aged Stakes with many winning chances. Now things get really tough. The comp will conclude with two high rating benchmark races which should have capacity fields. The winning of most HTH matches probably lies buried amongst the form here. Choose carefully among the tricky formlines. Good luck everyone, may the best teams win.

The Grand Final takes centre stage as Old Mate and Showtime - perhaps the two outsiders at the conclusion of the Round Robin - face off as we try to find a Champion.

The scorer has an unenviable task taking on Paul who is both magnificent and serendipitous while Punter Pete who has suffered more damage than any other competitor faces off against sexy Rexy who we understand is on new drugs ! Old Mate kingpin Jack goes Squirrel hunting while the always competitive pair of Craig and BC meet head on. Lastly, Maria and Richie have shown better form previously but either (or both) could bounce back with a smashing score on the big day.

The 3rd place playoff is down to two sides who seemed destined for months to be the Grand Finalists but here they are scrapping over the bronze. Pride is on the line. Midnight Caller and Smiler are Magnificent Seven club members so a titanic struggle awaits in that one while other Magnificent club members Ray and Our Maizcay have no easy tasks against Robert and Sasha respectively. Stevie N and Gordy look very evenly matched while anything could happen and probably will in the Ziggy vs Howie contest.

The Presidents Final sees two franchises - The Seagulls & Magic - who looked big chances to make the Finals a few weeks back but the wheels came off both outfits so a second chance for silverware and redemption awaits. Magic top gun Anita (on aggregate anyway) looks to straighten out her win/loss ratio against a gallant Captain Pete while the all-Naki clash of Heather and Maurice holds plenty of interest, their tipping strategies well known to each other. Not sure whether Rees is willing Porky to pour on the pain to make him The Unfortunate King or looking to make a bacon butty and lastly a couple of steely veterans Sharne and Graeme, a couple of Kats with many lives still up their sleeves, will be fighting for Top Kat honours.

The Wooden Spoon clash - well this the elephant in the room. How the hell did the Reapers finish up here ??? Bad management, bad luck or just plain karma - who would know ? Max Factory, the comp whipping boys (and girl) can beat any team on their day so this is no walk in the park for the Scythe wielders. Captain Max faces off against the seemingly Teflon-coated Ian while Captain Hesi has no easy task against roughie exponent Rob. King Gee has a cunning squirrel in his sights while LB and Tonka look very evenly matched. Lastly, poor Barb has taken a hammering in her first comp, but will look to turn this around big-time against the one-of-a-kind Tassie Tiger.

Please post on time. Let's have some fun and note the closing time...

Close off at 12.45pm (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Ellerslie R3 - 1.45pm - TAB Star Way Stks (LR) - $100k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

2. Randwick R2 - 2.05pm - TAB Highway Hdcp - $120k, 1400m, class 3 hdcp

3. Riccarton R6 - 2.34pm - Daphne Bannon Mem. Great Easter Stks (LR) - $80k, 1400m, open hdcp

4. Riccarton R7 - 3.09pm - Waikato Stud Pay Tribute to Trevor Luke - $35k, 1600m, R75 BM

5. Ellerslie R6 - 3.36pm - Trelawney Stud Championship Stks (Gr3) - $150k, 1600m, open hdcp

6. Ellerslie R7 - 4.11pm - Manco Easter Hdcp (Gr3) - $150k, 1600m, open hdcp

7. Randwick R7 - 5.00pm - Moet & Chandon Champagne Stks (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, 2yos SWs

8. Randwick R8 - 5.40pm - Schweppes All Aged Stks (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1400m, WFA

9. Randwick R9 - 6.20pm - Catanach's Jewellers Hdcp - $160k, 1400m, BM100 hdcp

10. Randwick R10 - 6.55pm - Petaluma Hdcp - $160k, 1200m, BM88 hdcp


SUMMER-AUTUMN CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND FINAL (team aggregates in brackets)

OLD MATE ($17,773.20) vs SHOWTIME ($16,982.80)

PJ (10/5-3254.20/3072.20) v Paul (9/6-4096.60/2914.20)

Richie (5/10-3132.60/3496.80) v Maria (6/9-2560.00/3144.80)

Jack (9/6-4004.60/2986.20) v Blind Squirrel (10/5-3760.40/3129.20)

Rex (8/7-3870.40/3392.00) v Punter Pete (6/9-3564.20/4319.80)

Black Caviar (9/6-3472.80/3113.80) v Craig (10/5-3002.60/2211.00)



KAOS ($18,563.60) vs STYX ($18,039.40)

Ziggy (9/6-3425.20/2725.80) v Howie (10/5-2963.40/2909.00)

Midnight Caller (8/7-4374.40/4259.80) v Smiler (6/9-3935.20/4122.20)

Stevie N (9/6-3755.00/3259.80) v Gordy (8/7-3856.00/3192.40)

Ray (8/7-3908.80/3526.40) v Robert (6/9-3015.20/3966.40)

Sasha (10/5-3397.40/3344.80) v Our Maizcay (10/5-4274.80/3388.00)



SEAGULLS ($17,503.00) vs MAGIC ($17,333.40)

Graeme (5/10-3145.80/3372.20) v Sharne (8/7-3542.00/2995.00)

Pete (9/6-3365.60/3109.60) v Anita (7/8-4051.80/3673.60)

Steve P (8/7-3632.00/3665.60) v Jamison (8/7-3107.00/2935.00)

Maurice (5/10-3544.80/3304.20) v Heather (5/8-2957.80/2609.00)

Rees (8/7-3674.00/4158.40) v Porky (5/4-2519.60/1993.40)



MAX FACTORY ($13,479.40) vs REAPERS ($15,016.60)

Max (7/8-2783.80/3182.00)v Ian (6/9-3248.40/2600.00)

Rob (7/8-2775.40/3936.60) v Hesi (6/9-3055.40/2985.00)

Gee (7/8-2803.60/3719.40) v Secret Squirrel (5/10-2924.00/3347.00)

Barb (5/10-2499.40/4142.60) v Tassie Tiger (7/8-3149.40/3070.40)

Lightning Blue (5/10-2619.80/3851.00) v Tonka (7/8-2538.40/3155.00)



4374.40 Midnight Caller (Kaos) (8/7)

4274.80 Our Maizcay (Styx) (10/5)

4096.60 Paul (Showtime) (9/6)

4051.80 Anita (Magic) (7/8)

4004.60 Jack (Old Mate) (9/6)

3935.20 Smiler (Styx) (6/9)

3908.80 Ray (Kaos) (8/7)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Jamison (8/7-2935.00) (Magic)

Paul (9/6-2914.20) (Showtime)

Howie (10/5-2909.00) (Styx)

Ziggy (9/6-2725.80) (Kaos)

Ian (6/9-2600.00) (Reapers)

Craig (10/5-2211.00) (Showtime)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Smiler (6/9-4122.20) (Styx)

Barb (5/10-4142.60) (Max Factory)

Rees (8/7-4158.40) (Seagulls)

Midnight Caller (8/7-4259.80) (Kaos)

Punter Pete (6/9-4319.80) (Showtime)

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3 OLD MATE*** (5th)


2 (x 3 Triple Joker play) equals 6 points

2 SHOWTIME* (6th)


2 (x 2 Joker play) equals 4 points

Although Versilia never got into it for Showtime there was a tight finish of sorts with Showtime ending the day with a beaut BB quinella from Craig and a BB from Blind Squirrel which took them past the team profit mark and gave them a higher aggregate amounting to 4 points from their Joker play. Old Mate played their Triple Joker and barely held on for the 6 points but fell $3.60 short of a team profit which would have yielded another 3 points. Richie with 7 winners was Old Mate MVP but unlucky to draw Man of The Match Blind Squirrel with Paul also returning a good total for Showtime. Everyone is a winner !

362.40 Richie

400 Blind Squirrel


293.20 PJ

288.60 Craig


163.20 Black Caviar

65 Maria


218.40 Rex

384.40 Harewood


279.40 Jack

225.80 Punter Pete



2 OLD MATE*** (2nd)


2 (x 3 Triple Joker play) equals 6 points

3 SHOWTIME (3rd)


3 points

No show for Tom Kitten (only 4th) so Showtime held on to secure a Finals berth and added a bonus point for a team profit spearheaded by MVP Captain Maria. The Derby winner tipped by Blind Squirrel and Punter Pete for Showtime while all the Old Mates bar Rex replied with a BB for Jack, quinellas for Richie and PJ and a BB quinella for Black Caviar. Rex was a dominant Man of the Match as Old Mate secured a Finals berth with a team profit bonus and a higher aggregate bonus x 3. Everyone happy it would seem.

191.80 Richie

457 Maria


286.40 Black Caviar

66 Craig


304 Jack

316.20 Punter Pete


209.80 PJ

297 Paul


681 Rex

345 Blind Squirrel





0 points



3 points

Styx had it won before the last where they all found the winning fave bar Gordy with a BB for Robert. Kaos pulled one back at the death with ray bagging a BB to get him past Gordy and take MVP honours for Kaos for whom MC also scored in the last. Smiler was Man of the Match and Styx took a bonus point for the 4-1 margin.

0 Ziggy

131 Howie


94.20 Sasha

193 Robert


224 Ray

188 Gordy


220.40 Midnight Caller

275 Our Maizcay


90.20 Stevie N

305.20 Smiler



2 STYX (2nd)


0 points

3 KAOS (4th)


2 points

Kovalica ran on nicely but could not get into the finish for Styx so Kaos held on for the win. No one had the final winner. Ray was Kaos MVP and unlucky to draw Man of the Match Our Maizcay. No bonus points were earned.

208 Howie

93 Midnight Caller


164.60 Gordy 

296 Stevie N


332.60 Our Maizcay

327 Ray


236.60 Smiler

263 Ziggy


97 Robert 

253 Sasha



3 MAGIC (2nd)


3 points

2 SEAGULLS (6th)


0 points

Pride of Jenni tried her heart out for Graeme and The Seagulls but could not hold out the Champ so Magic held on to win despite being behind until the penultimate race. The Williams winner tipped by all except Graeme with Sharne and Seagulls trio Rees, Pete and Steve P doubling up with BBs. The hapless Rees was MVP for The Gulls while Anita was a dominant Match Star thanks mainly to her Rubiton Stakes BB quinella. Magic made it past the team profit mark in the last for a bonus point.

86.80 Sharne

92 Pete


608.20 Anita

249 Steve P


110.80 Heather

116 Maurice


354.40 Jamison

292.60 Rees


204 Pam

97.20 Graeme



1 MAGIC (4th)


1 point

4 SEAGULLS*** (7th)


4 (x 3 Triple Joker play) equals 12 points

Neither of the two hopes Magic had in the last could quite get into the finish so The Seagulls held on for a very successful Triple Joker play with a bonus point turning into 3 for a team profit and another for a 4-1 margin netting the same return ! Magic - for whom Sharne was Match Star - took a bonus point for a team profit achieved in the last with best bets landed for Heather and Sharne. Graeme - the great cat hunter - was MVP for The Gulls and found the final winner as did Rees and Pete with BBs. In the case of Rees it got him up to annex Anita for the 4-1 margin

159 Porky

278 Maurice


106 Jamison 

457 Graeme


493.20 Sharne

333 Pete


358.20 Anita 

379.20 Rees


271.20 Heather

354 Steve P





0 points

4 REAPERS*** (8th)


4 (x 3 Triple Joker play) equals 12 points

The Reapers had it won before the last where they all tipped the winning fave with BB quinellas for Tassie Tiger, Secret Squirrel and Hesi. Factory workers pair Max and LB were also on the Hayes winner. Gee was a clear MVP for The Factory while Tassie Tiger was Man of the Match despite only tipping 3 winners ! The Reapers Triple Joker play together with bonus points for a 4-1 margin and team profit saw them make a mighty points haul to put them back as serious contenders in the comp.

91 Barb

421 Hesi


371 Gee

204.80 Secret Squirrel


33 Max

379.20 Ian


90.20 Lightning Blue

178 Tonka


116 Rob

466.40 Tassie Tiger



0 REAPERS* (6th)


0 (x 2 Joker play) equals 0 points



4 points

Max Factory had it won before the last - not a phrase you hear often - and despite Captain Max bagging a BB they fell a little short of a clean sweep with a team profit. BBs for Hesi and Ian for The Reapers for whom Tonka also scored, completed their scoring. Hesi just edged Secret Squirrel for Reaper MVP honours while Gee was Man of the Match for the victors. Well done to the Factory crew !.

241.20 Secret Squirrel

297.20 Rob


206.20 Ian

207 Max


195.20 Tassie Tiger

209.60 Barb


242.20 Hesi

252 Lightning Blue


94 Tonka 

333.20 Gee

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Max for Max Factory

1. Ellerslie R3 1,2

2. Randwick R2 1,2

3. Riccarton R6 5,7

4. Riccarton R7 5,9

5. Ellerslie R6 3,11

6. Ellerslie R7 3,7bb

7. Randwick R7 2,7

8. Randwick R8 3,10

9. Randwick R9 13,14

10. Randwick R10 2,10 bb


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Race 1        6, 7

Race 2        3, 5

Race 3        1, 9

Race 4        7, 16

Race 5        2, 5

Race 6        2, 3 BB

Race 7        4, 7

Race 8        1, 12 BB

Race 9        15, 16

Race 10        3, 7

Thanks PJ, Good luck Gee!😁

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Race 1        6/7

Race 2        3/4

Race 3        3/8

Race 4        7/15

Race 5        2/12 **

Race 6        10/12

Race 7        3/7

Race 8        9/10 **

Race 9        12/16

Race 10        7/12

thanks Peter

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Look tougher than ever this week.





2/12 ****


2/7  ****




Thanks as always PJ. Good luck Heather.  Don't think you will have too much trouble this week. As they say After the Lord Mayor's show comes the ..... Good luck to finalists. Go the SEAGULLS


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1. Ellerslie R3 -  8,10

2. Randwick R2 -  3,4 

3. Riccarton R6 -  8,9  

4. Riccarton R7 -  3,6 

5. Ellerslie R6 -  1,2 

6. Ellerslie R7 -  5,6 ** 

7. Randwick R7 -  2,3 

8. Randwick R8 -  9,10 

9. Randwick R9 -  9,16 

10. Randwick R10 - 12,17 ** 


Good Punting Blind Squirrel ....



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Barb for Max Factory


1. Ellerslie R3 6/9

2. Randwick R2 3/6

3. Riccarton R6 8/13

4. Riccarton R7 1/8

5. Ellerslie R6 5/12

6. Ellerslie R7 3/5 bb

7. Randwick R7 4/7

8. Randwick R8 9/10

9. Randwick R9 12/16

10. Randwick R10 3/12 bb

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Race 1    3, 6
Race 2    3, 6
Race 3    5, 8
Race 4    1, 15
Race 5    1, 2
Race 6    6, 7 BB
Race 7    3, 7
Race 8    8, 9
Race 9    3, 12
Race 10    7, 12 BB

Taking on the Waikato maestro Jack so have been studying all week - good luck mate expecting a titanic struggle.

Lets go the SHOW!


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My picks for Showtime on The Melbourne Cup day of competions. Thanks PJ (my HTH opponent) for all you have done to run this enjoyable competion so smoothly Good luck to yourself and may this be a worthy final.Cheers

1. Ellerslie R3 - 6/8

2. Randwick R2 - 6/11

3. Riccarton R6 - 8/9

4. Riccarton R7- 2/3

5. Ellerslie R6 - 7/12 BB

6. Ellerslie R7 - 7/11

7. Randwick R7 - 2/7 BB

8. Randwick R8 - 8/12

9. Randwick R9 - 3/16

10. Randwick R10 - 2/12

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R6..5/6 BB


R8..9/10 BB



Let's have a bit of fun Howie...my plan is to actually score something against you today🤣

Good luck to you today big guy in your final...once again, great comp mate!!!

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Sasha for KAOS

1. Ellerslie R3 - 6,8
2. Randwick R2 - 2,3
3. Riccarton R6 - 5,8 BB
4. Riccarton R7 - 5,7
5. Ellerslie R6 - 2,12
6. Ellerslie R7 - 5,6 
7. Randwick R7 - 2,7
8. Randwick R8 - 9,10 BB
9. Randwick R9 - 12,16
10. Randwick R10 - 3,14

Good luck OM. 

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1. Ellerslie R3 - 6,9
2. Randwick R2 - 3,6
3. Riccarton R6 - 1,5
4. Riccarton R7 - 7,14
5. Ellerslie R6 - 1,2
6. Ellerslie R7 - 5,7 BB
7. Randwick R7 - 1,2
8. Randwick R8 - 3,8
9. Randwick R9 - 8,12
10. Randwick R10 - 6,12 BB

Good luck Robert & to all the finalists.

Thanks PJ for another smoothly run comp. 

Thanks KAOS, its been a pleasure. 👊

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