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Magic Millions Super Comp Day 2 (of 2) Sat Jan 16


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Hi everyone. This is the 2nd and Final Day of the Magic Millions Super Comp. Scores are carried over from day 1 although new entrants are welcome.

For THE RULES - see Day 1 thread. Bonus $$$ rule reminder below:

8. BONUS $$$/H-T-H.  Ten minutes before the start of the first race on each day of competition I will perform a random draw pitting each player against another in a Head-To-Head battle for that day only. I will publish the draw just before the first race. If a player wins their head to head on any given day they will receive a bonus $$ amount of 20% of their winning margin over their opponent to add to their overall tally. If the scores are tied there will be no bonus. e.g. You win your match $236.00 over your opponents $190.00, a margin of $46. You will receive a bonus of $9.20 added to your overall tally.


ROUND 2 - SAT Jan 16

Races are:

1. Gold Coast R1 - 3.15pm - Magic Millions Maiden Plate - $242k, 1200m, maiden SWs

2. Gold Coast R2 - 3.50pm - Magic Millions Open Hdcp - $242k, 1800m, open qlty hdcp

3. Trentham R8 - 4.15pm - JR & N Berkett Telegraph (Gr1) - $250k, 1200m, WFA

4. Gold Coast R3 - 4.25pm - Frizelle Sunshine Magic Millions Subzero - $970k, 2400m, qlty hdcp

5. Gold Coast R4 - 5.00pm - It's Live! In Queensland Magic Millions Snippets - $970k, 1200m, SW+Ps

6. Gold Coast R5 - 5.35pm - TAB Magic Millions Fillies & Mares - $970k, 1300m, SW+Ps fillies/mares

7. Gold Coast R6 - 6.15pm - The Star Gold Coast Magic Millions 2YO Classic (RL) - $1.94m, 1200m, 2yos SWs

8. Gold Coast R7 - 7.00pm - Gold Coast Magic Millions 3YO Guineas (RL) - $1.94m, 1400m, 3yos SW+Ps

9. Gold Coast R8 - 7.45pm - Pacific Fair Magic Millions Cup (RL) - $970k, 1400m, qlty hdcp

10. Gold Coast R9 - 8.20pm - Racing Queensland Magic Millions QTIS Open Hdcp - $970k, 1300m, qlty hdcp

Remember - choose any two races for your best bets


Carry over scores from Day 1.

The top trio look to have a huge advantage while Rocky is well-placed also. The rest of us have a lot of work to do.......

495.64 StevieN

446.84 Maria

401.08 Rex  

335.44 Rocky

281.32 Punter Pete

272.96 Hesi

269.52 Richie

261.60 Howie

230.20 Rees

237.76 Maurice

217.00 Jen

208.44 Gordy

198.76 PJ

195.60 John

191.60 Wandering

185.80 Tom

179.40 Porky

163.00 SteveP

152.20 Virgil

150.00 VonS

149.60 NgakonuiG

134.60 Graeme

101.40 Craig

100.80 Gary

96.92 MidnightC

82.00 Max

75.00 Wrinkles

71.00 Rob

65.20 Ray

60.00 Ian

42.00 Baby

39.00 Ziggy

31.00 Jill

27.00 Roland

0.00 Gee

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 Gold Coast Race 1:  6,8 

Gold Coast  Race 2: 2,8      b/b    

 Trentham    Race 3: 1,10    

 Gold Coast  Race 4: 8,11   

 Gold Coast  Race 5: 4,12 

 Gold Coast  Race 6: 9,14

 Gold Coast  Race 7: 12,15  

 Gold Coast  Race 8: 2,3 

 Gold Coast  Race 9: 7,19  

Gold Coast   Race 10: 8,18      b/b


Family BBQ and plenty of new Vintage Wine Tasting this Saturday :). 

We are running our own PWJ Tipping Competition for the Day as an interest for us all.

We wish your Daughter and her Boyfriend all the best with  " Fake Love ". What a first place prize  for them all if your Horse gets up.

Sincere , good luck to you all.

Great Tipping Competition for a Magical Day's Racing. 

Much appreciate the opportunity. 

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ace 1#  ~ 13,16                    

Race 2#  ~ 3,4   
Race 3#  ~ 1,8
Race 4#  ~ 1,3
Race 5#  ~ 2,7     
Race 6#  ~ 1,3      b/b
Race 7#  ~ 1,2
Race 8#  ~ 13,15      b/b             
Race 9#  ~ 4,12       
Race 10# ~ 6,9


May Fake Love bring you all a joyful and especially a happy day. 

Thank you PWJ.




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  • MM 2YO Classic Connection Quotes Following Draw

    Thursday, 14th January 2021
    Several of the favoured runners drew awkwardly for the Magic Millions 2YO Classic, and racing.com spoke to their trainers about their revised chances. The current favourite at $4.20 is Swift Witness (Star Witness-Taylor's Command, by Commands), and her co-trainer Adrian Bott said, "Midfield is a good draw for us. She's got enough tactical speed to be able to lead if needed or she can take a sit like she did at the Gold Coast on Saturday. It's an ideal draw as we can assess the pattern of racing on the day before deciding the best way to ride her." She's All Class (I Am Invincible-Shirra Nui, by Viscount) remains the second favourite at $4.40. "I do think she's the best horse in the race and I do want to make sure she stays out of trouble; so as long as James (McDonald) gets some cover from that alley, I don't mind her being wide and she's good enough to win it still," part-owner Brae Sokolski said. "It could have been worse as we could come into 13 (after scratchings) and we do have three very good horses (Fake Love, Finance Tycoon and Miss Hipstar) to our outside. I am trying to be philosophical and take a glass half-full approach to it and I'd rather that than drawing one." Alpine Edge (Better Than Ready-Freezethemillions, by Freeze) is next in the betting at $9, while Shaquero (Shalaa-Fimatino, by Not A Single Doubt) and Finance Tycoon (Written Tycoon-Darook Park, by Darci Brahma) are at $10. Finance Tycoon's co-trainer Ben Hayes said, "The barrier draw wasn't our friend this time. We've drawn the widest gate, we come into 16. We definitely won't have any bad luck from out there. He's a very professional horse, he always jumps well and puts himself in a good position. Hopefully from that good position, Luke Nolen has to do a bit of magic, and he can run a big race. He has come through last week's race really well." Baby Wong (Press Statement-Spice Temple, by More Than Ready) and Fake Love (I Am Invincible-Anatina, by Fastnet Rock) make the next line of betting at $14. Fake Love's co-trainer David Eustace said, "We've got Bossy on, we've drawn 20, we don't need to make too many plans, he will work it out. She's in good order. Has been trained for the race from day one, so this is what it has all been about. Hopefully she can get the job done."
  • Fake Love still on track for Magic Millions Classic
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off out to Lake Ferry first thing to check out the bach I bought - well I take it over in a couple of weeks but handing over saturday.

Retirement day from RNZAF regular force on saturday 16 Jan so its a funny old day...44 years of loyal service. Been snapped up as a Reservist for a project starting monday so no rest !!




1/2 **





3/16 **


Good luck all..happy punting. My retirement day punt Wild Moose for a tenner or maybe 2 of them

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Great fields at GC. In R3 none of the 12 starters have run in the first 2 at their last start. But they're all in the hunt for a million dollars today.

In a 2-week Comp that started poorly for the Mustelid, I'm hoping there's some big divvies today to help Max charge up the leaderboard. Thanks PJ.  


R1           2,17

R2           1,2

R3           3,9 BB

R4           3,6

R5           4,9

R6           1,6

R7           10,15

R8           1,15

R9           5,11

R10         5,8 BB

Edited by Maximus
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Good Mornin' peeples!

Another scintill/taining day in the offing as another P.J'S super comp 

takes on the Millions' Day in OZ with lots of chances both favoured and not so favoured runners (horror draws!!)

competing for huge rewards!!  Good Luck to ya ALL!!


R1 - 8 x10

R2 - 3x8

R3 - 1x8

R4 - 6x8

R5 - 4x7

R6 - 9x11

R7 - 14x15

R8 - 3x15-BB

R9 - 1x12

10 - 3x4 -BB -Thanks   P.J!  

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1. Gold Coast R1 2 10 

2. Gold Coast R2 11 12 

3. Trentham R8 - 4 10 bb 

4. Gold Coast R3 - 4.7 

5. Gold Coast R4 - 1 11 

6. Gold Coast R5 - 1 5 

7. Gold Coast R6 - 2  6 bb 

8. Gold Coast R7 -1 15 

9. Gold Coast R8 - 4 7  

10. Gold Coast R9 - 6 8  

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1. Gold Coast R1 – 10,16
2. Gold Coast R2 – 7,14
3. Trentham R8 – 3,11
4. Gold Coast R3 – 5,7
5. Gold Coast R4 – 6,17
6. Gold Coast R5 – 7,13
7. Gold Coast R6 – 5,6
8. Gold Coast R7 – 7,18
9. Gold Coast R8 – 10,14 bb
10. Gold Coast R9 – 8,16 bb

Thank you Peter

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1. Gold Coast R1 - 5,8

2. Gold Coast R2 - 5,8 BB

3. Trentham R8 - 4.15pm - 4,10

4. Gold Coast R3 - 4.25pm - 1,7

5. Gold Coast R4 - 5.00pm - 1,9

6. Gold Coast R5 - 5.35pm - 9,11 BB

7. Gold Coast R6 - 6.15pm - 2,17

8. Gold Coast R7 - 7.00pm - 13,15

9. Gold Coast R8 - 7.45pm - 7,11

10. Gold Coast R9 - 8.20pm - 5,9


Thanks again PJ...come from the clouds stuff hopefully

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