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Race Place Punters Club - Format, Rules, Selections and Results


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1.  Members


Turny(Tom)    6 March

Hesi - Jason does picks, 50/50 split of any winnings  20 March

Dancing Show(Maria)


Brown Fox




Curious - Maxi doing selections

Steve Paul

Sir Gallivant(Rex)

2.  I'll leave it as a turkey shoot, so no formal schedule of who picks when,  Say though if you have a preference, and we'll book it in.  Otherwise, we'll work it out as we go

3.  Club runs for 10 weeks, so there will be multiple selectors during several weeks.  START date still to be decided

4.  Anything goes, from Wed-Thurs if you are selecting that week.  Tote, FO, all bet types, sport or racing

5.  You put on your bets, and post what they are, and update on any success and the final total to be returned to the central bank

6.  We will run the same central banker(me) system again. DETAILS are................................

7.  You can pay $30/week to the central banker, or if you cannot be bothered, front up with your own $300 when it is your turn, and pay the total collect amount to the central banker

8.  For those paying in weekly, I will transfer $300 to your TAB account, on Tues evening, when you are selecting.  You place your bets, post, and return total collects to the central banker

9.  When you pay in to the central banker, just your Race Place user name as a reference


See format mostly, but

1.  There is a provision for an early payout, should there be a big collect, eg $10K, which is almost a grand each

2.  Once the club has started, there can be no new addition of members.  Someone has a big win in the early weeks, it would be unfair to the existing members


All under construction STILL

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Seems pretty straight forward and thanks Hesi for including me and for taking over what has been a social event for many years (Sam turned 8 today!!!! And pretty sure she was not born or only a baby when I took over from Vanturk.

Talking about Sam's most club members know me and Sarah always back Sam or rosie jockeys, well Karaka million i took a first four with Sam collett to run 2nd 3rd 4th and im whipping her home running 4th @$126 to win and first four pays $34,000 and 5% for me to find i put horse 7 in instead of Sam on horse 6!!!! $1700 for $5 gone 😢 

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6 minutes ago, Dancing Show said:

I think Sam was on the way but not quite with us Jase when you took over 🙂   She just glows with happiness, a real blessing for you both 🙂 



Yes she sees the good in everyone and such a bubbly wee girl, she was buzzing after meeting Sam Wynne as got a tour of the girls jockey room

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8 hours ago, Dancing Show said:

Saturday, 27 March Stakes Day for me please 🙂 if that's okay with everyone.    (Just saw that 20 March was taken 🙂 so edited this).

I'll also just use my own $300 on the day.



Think there will be doubleup weekends if you want Oaks weekend as well

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BANK ACCOUNT 01-1835-0073077-46

Please just use your sign on name when making the $30 deposits(I will keep an eye on progress)

Also your sign on name, when paying winnings back, just add in also something like'winnings' 

Maxi   1 x $300 PAID

Turny(Tom)   10 x $30

Hesi - Jason does picks, 50/50 split of any winnings  1 x $300

Dancing Show(Maria) 1 x $300  Direct use on your picks


Brown Fox  1 x $300  Direct use on your picks

Pete   1 x $300  Direct use on your picks

Barry  1 x $300 assumption only  Direct use on your picks

Vanturk 1 x $300 Direct use on your picks

Curious - Maxi doing selections  1 x $300 PAID

Steve Paul

Sir Gallivant(Rex)  10 X $30


Please note that you can place bets in any of the days of the week you select, I have just put in the date being a Sat, as nominal

Feb 13 Vanturk(Bryce)

Feb 20 Curious(Maxi picking)

Feb 27 Mardy

March 6 Tom(Turny)

March 13 Jason/Maxi

March 20

March 27 Maria

April 3 Rex(Sir Gallivant)

April 10

April 17 Pete

Please note that it is up to each member, to post what they are selecting, and give a final total that is being paid to the central bank, when they have finished.  I'm sure there will be plenty of updates and banter, especially if there are good collects


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