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Week 1 selections here


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Usual rules. One selection per race at each meeting and one best bet at each meeting.

Scratching replacements allowed up until closing time and will then go onto substitutes.

This week's meetings are Ruakaka and New Plymouth.

Closing time 11.45am.

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1 hour ago, brown fox said:

Any locals know how the track is looking at New Plymouth and the likelyhood of Abandonment?

12mm of rain in last 12 hours. Track was a Heavy 9 yesterday morning.

I'd be cautiously optimistic about it going ahead.

P.S I'm not a local.

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1 hour ago, Globederby19 said:

Chuck in a Trot meet ,Pete. Mix it up, at least we don't abandon races(mostly):classic_smile:

I reackon should have Kunnunura gallops as a back up on Saturday.My 27th favourite trainer Dick Leech got 13 horses in .There only 6 races and 37 horses but I'm sure the NZ tab will have a great reason for taking betting on them.

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