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National Championships Winter Super Comp


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The National Winter Super Comp

Thought it would be prudent to get the entries sorted out sooner rather than later. This comp starts on Saturday 4th July. 

KAURI KATS (Northland) - Sharne, Graeme, Jen, Max, Rocky

FERDIES (Taranaki) - Maurice, Heather, Zac, PJ, Ashoka

HURRICANES (Wellington) - John, Porky, Hesi, Virgil,The Crucible

TURBOS (Manawatu) - Steve P, Blind Squirrel, Rees, Ray, Gary

CHIEFS (Waikato - Champs) - Gee, Jack, Ian, Stevie N, Punter Pete

BLUES (Auckland) - Gordy, Howie, Geoff, Pete, Roland

CRUSADERS (Canterbury) - Rex, Tom, Robert, Rob, Craig

BARBARIANS (Erehwon) - Mardy, Pam, Jamison or Moose, Ziggy, Richie

We need to have volunteers for Captains also.

I must say I think these teams look very evenly matched - almost like a draft outcome so I would expect a close comp. Rules will be the same as the current comp. One Joker play but no Finals series. Just 7 rounds with the team with the highest points (or highest aggregate if multiple teams tie on points) being the National Champions. Ends on August 15. It will be a Trans-Tasman comp.

Any questions please ask.

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6 hours ago, PWJ said:


FERDIES (Taranaki) - Maurice, Heather, Zac, PJ, Ashoka

I must say I think these teams look very evenly matched

I dunno about that, PJ. The above team looks pretty lethal ! ✔️

Probably only the "Mighty Blues' capable of seeing them off .... maybe the Hurricames at a pinch. ☺️


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The only time I ever won this comp was with the magpies which included four friends of P.Js (I think they part owned Mongolian Wolf?). So if the Magpies are ressurected then I'd love to have another crack with them otherwise our central neighbours, the Turbos.



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16 minutes ago, Say No More said:

Yes words were had a few weeks back Hesi when Virgil slipped to 4/7.  Seems to have done the trick as he has won 3 in row heading in to the play-offs.


Let's hope his run of form stops abruptly this weekend.

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It will, Virgil is shin sore, forgot to wear his shin pads

You realise John, that if we beat you on Sat, as we almost certainly will, as I believe the pressure of the Poison Chalice will come to bear, then yours truly goes into the final as the only 'live' Cane

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