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The National Championship Super Comp - entries here


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It's been over a year since we staged the Super Comp with the regional teams. Time to resurrect this old fave.

Usual Super Comp rules although I will run a poll as to how we deal with scratchings before the comp begins. As usual past players will have a few days to claim their prior slot in the team they last represented. After the deadline for this I will allocate final places for teams. Here are the teams from the previous comp. Some have departed (or stayed on the site where it was last held). I think we have enough people for 7 or 8 teams. If we have enough for 8 teams the final side will be the Otago Highlanders. If you were known by a different "handle" in the previous reincarnation of this comp please let me know  


KAURI KATS (Northland) - Sharne, Graeme, Smiler, Jen, Max

FERDIES (Taranaki) - Maurice, Heather, Winfreux, PJ, Gary

HURRICANES (Wellington - Champs) - John, Porky, Hesi, Virgil,The Crucible

TURBOS (Manawatu) - Moose, Gruff, Ray, Lloyd, Korio

CHIEFS (Waikato) - Ghost, Jack, Ian, Steve P, Jasper

BLUES (Auckland) - Gordy, Howie, Geoff, Pete, Roland

CRUSADERS (Canterbury) - Rex, Richie, Robert, Rob, Mardy

Please post your team preference clearly. If you want to play for the same side as last time please state clearly. If you want to apply for a spot in another team please state clearly. If you have no preference please state. You may name up to 3 choices of team. 

Rules will go up on here on Monday but the comp will be just 7 (or 8 ) rounds round robin followed by Semis and a Final.  So it will end early March.

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2 minutes ago, Hesi said:

Canes Peter

Just a prompt also about any adjustment  to the rules to specify how many extra players a poster  can submit for

Thanks, yes it will be a rule that any player can only post picks for one other player. 

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Hi PJ .... As a Nelsonian .... I am in a quandary;   As there is no Tasman Team ... I Can play in Central Districts regions Taranaki .... Manawatu ..... Wellington or Canterbury ..... so i figure that i will leave it to the the team captains or your good self as where to put me ..... i am happy to accomodate as long as i can be part of it :classic_smile:

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2 hours ago, Winfreux said:

Hi PJ ,

I will watch this Competition from the side line's.  I did not tip well last time and let The Ferdie's down at the wrong time.  



Hi Luke

You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. In my experience you can go from zero to hero (and back to zero) in the blink of an eye.

Really would like you to participate but understand if you don't feel like it.



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