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Midweek 5 To Win - October Rnd 7 - Wed Oct 25 - Gore


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Just a tricky maiden to get you started - how many will just go safe on Billy Lid ?? Then another couple of 1800m contest with a pair of restricted sprints to round out the day. Should be 3 divvys all the way....

Graeme has already qualified but only Richie and Maurice have made it 5 To Win for October. Big opportunity for the rest of us in this penultimate round for the month. Good luck !

Just select one horse per race to run a dividend-bearing placing. See original thread for rules. You MUST replace normal scratchings or your entry will be invalid. Anyone can join in

Gary was the January Champion, Rob our February Champ and Gordy the Top Dog for March and May while Hesi triumphed in April. Tassie Tiger qualified in May and Graeme was the King of June while Pete qualified in July, Ian in August and Rees bought a ticket in September. Who will be the October Queen or King?

1. Gore R5 - 2.52pm - Farmlands Gore 1800 - $18k, 1800m, maiden

2. Gore R6 - 3.27pm - O'Connor Richmond 1800 - $18k, 1800m, R65 BM

3. Gore R7 - 4.04pm - AON Insurance Brokers 1800 - $25k, 1800m, open hdcp

4. Gore R8 - 4.39pm - Auto Funds 1335 - $18k, 1335m, R75 BM

5. Gore R9 - 5.14pm - Traffers 1335 - $18k, 1335m, R65 BM



Graeme $78.90 (Q)

Richie $54.40

Maurice $42.80

Jack $1.00

Hesi $0.80

Secret Squirrel $0.60

Stevie N $0.60

Black Caviar $0.60

Rex $0.60

Jamison $0.50

Maria $0.30

the rest $0

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10 hours ago, Dancing Show said:

Here we go 🙂  30 cents in the piggy bank and ready to invest 🙂 






Merci much 🙂 

Oh no I have just seen you have the exact same 5 as me, so even if lightening does strike, we both still end up on the same ...
Never mind, PJ will pick #5 in the first and that will end our day 🙂

  • Haha 2
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Race 1 spread:

1 Billy Lid $1.70

Graeme, PJ, Black Caviar, Richie, Rex, Jamison


2 Belafonte $2.80



5 Midoriyama (late scratching)

Maria, Geoff, Rob


6 Our Princess Boot $5.20



7 All Ticketyboo $3.30



10 Mrs Lawrence $1.80

Maurice, Jack, Craig, Gary, Pete, Gee


12 Tarzeffic $4.20

Max, Ngakonui Grass

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