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Close off at 11.50 a.m. (NZ time)

This is it ! The GRAND FINAL !

We have 10 hardy competitors who have all made their mark on the comp so far and now they will battle it out head-to-head in a 7-race showdown. Winner take all !

Craig, Gee, Geoff, Ian, Lightning Blue, PJ, Punter Pete, Ray, Secret Squirrel, Trotslover

Rees is first reserve if anyone doesn't show by closing time of 11.50am.

Looks like a wide open contest to kick off in the first at Otaki. Then it's up to Te Rapa with plenty of form in a small open sprint field (beware any scratchings as we will be down to "no third divvy" territory).

Back to Otaki for the NZ feature of the day as the babies slog it out on what is bound to be a bog and then we are on the plane to Sydney (well most of us anyway) for some intriguing benchmark battles at Randwick which could well throw up some roughies before we end the comp in Adelaide with the Lightning Stakes where a big field of 3yos (and some 2yos) will zing it out to decide the Grand Final Champion.

I will also run a Presidents Final for anyone who hasn't made it through to the Grand Final. Anyone is welcome to enter. Can you post a better score than the winning Grand Finalist ?

This is your last trial run before the NPC Super Comp starts next week so the form watchers will be vigilant!

Good luck everyone !

Races are:

1. Otaki R1 - 12.20pm - Vets On Riverbank - $30k, 2100m, R65 BM

2. Te Rapa R3 - 1.08pm - Bob & Colleen Donaldson Memorial - $35k, 1400m, open hdcp

3. Otaki R5 - 2.38pm - Phils Electrical & Gipsy Caravans Ryder Stks (LR) - $65k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

4. Randwick R5 - 3.40pm - ATC Thank You Owners Hdcp - $150k, 1800m, BM78 hdcp colts,gelds, entires

5. Randwick R7 - 4.50pm - Godolphin Lifetime Care Hdcp - $150k, 1100m, BM72 hdcp 3yos & 4yos

6. Randwick R8 - 5.30pm - Kanebridge Hdcp - $150k, 1100m, BM88 hdcp

7. Morphettville R8 - 6.42pm - Lightning Stks (LR) - $120k, 1050m, 2yos & 3yos


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15 hours ago, PWJ said:

This is it ! The GRAND FINAL !

Good to see you finishing the Comp with the 'Lightning" Stakes there in South Australia PJ . !!! very Ominous it would seem.??.. 😉😁

The winner DECLARED (number One in that race) already? hope he can RUN LIKE HELL (also a good one in that race 😂)

Might have to get through a bit of Otaki mud first by the look of it, or could end up winning last weeks prize you gave me ....

Wonder if thats like getting the Yellow jersey at Le Tour ??

- while LB takes home the Timid Terry jersey.


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1 hour ago, Maximus said:

Maxi's picks ..praps you can create a separate division of the final for mustelids and/or squirrels, foxies,

See if you can lead in 'All the Presidents Men' for victory Maxi and avoid any Watergate scandal.

Best of Luck to all those servicemen . and as for the Championship🏆 , well lets see if 'Steven LB Bradbury' can ride again to skate to victory 😄

These horse need to get their Skates on First 😆🏇

1/   2 - 8 - 11

2/   1 - 2 - 5

3/   1 - 5 - 7

4/   4 - 6 - 12

5/   2 - 3 - 4

6/   4 - 8 - 11

7/   1 - 12 - 15  BB     thanks and good luck PJ (try not to beat these ones though 😉 )


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 welcome  to  big  time  


1. Otaki R1 5  9 14  

2. Te Rapa R3 1  2  5  bb

3. Otaki R5 1  3  5 

4. Randwick R5 3  8  5  

5. Randwick R7 3  7 15  

6. Randwick R8 -  1  2  8  

7. Morphettville R8 -  1  3  8  


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10/11/13 bb


Good luck to the 10 finalists and also the wannabes.  Some will be trying to flex a few muscles prior to the Spring Super comp, others being more cagier.  Irrelevant either way, as the Ferdies with their superb line up are past the post.   Thanks PJ for another fine comp, you have managed to unearth a format that will be become the benchmark for individual comps.  Cheers




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