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5 to Win Comp Round 2


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ROUND 2 - Ellerslie Sat Nov 28 - 8 races  + one from Oz - closes 12.44pm

Races 1-8: Ellerslie card

Race 9:  Rosehill Race 7 (Fujitsu General Festival Stakes (Gr3)



1. For each day of competition I will choose a meeting - some will be in NZ, some in Australia. All races at that meeting are eligible for your selections.

2. You will be required to make 5 selections of your choice each day, no more, no less. All selections must be made before the start of the first race on the program irrespective of whether you have a bet in that race. You may choose whatever races you like for your 5 selections but with the proviso of only one horse per any given race. See Rule 5 below regarding posting a sub.

3. Your first selection of the day will carry an imaginary $10/place investment. If successful, the return from this bet will carry over (the full dollar amount) to your second selection and so on. The aim is to get all 5 place selections on the day, in the money. If any miss, your only return from the day will be your loose change (cents not re-invested).

4. If you manage to get all 5 selections placed then your daily total will be banked towards your overall score (as will your cents if you miss). The player with the most $$ at the close of racing on Dec 19 wins. Sounds easy ? If all 5 of your selections WIN then your daily final total will be doubled !

5. Scratching Rule. You may replace scratchings up until 5 mins before the first race on the card at the stipulated meeting. Replace in a new post. Do not edit your original selections. If you don't replace a scratching then your entry will be invalid for that meeting. If you suffer a late scratching then your investment will go on the NZ TAB fave. You may post one sub that I will use in the event of a normal scratching. This sub must be posted with your original selections.

6. My decision and word is Final

Post your selections by race # and horse # below. Names are optional. Posting a sub is optional. If you post a sub in the same race as one of your selections then it will only be eligible to replace that one selection. It would make sense that if you are going to post a sub then select a different race from your 5 selections. There is no need to post a sub if you are aware of all scratchings and have posted accordingly with this considered.

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Mustelid Max is delighted to announce that the winner of PJ's 5 to Win Comp will be rewarded with this totally fab prize pack, courtesy of Max's fab friends at Cambridge Stud. 

Prize includes: 1x Cambridge Stud Rugby Jersey,1x Cambridge Stud Cap,1x Almanzor Cap,1x Cambridge Stud Soft Toy Horse, 2x Pots of Cambridge Stud Honey

Many thanks - the Lindsays deserve every success - and a special shout out to Cameron Ring for organising this.



Prize from Cambridge Stud.jpg

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2 hours ago, Say No More said:

You need at least the first two Howie to get yourself some cents on the leaderboard.  If you get the first, you should get the second as Vamos Bebe looks the place 5 anchor for the day. 

I'm guessing that at least 70-80% of entries this week would include Vamos Bebe but based on a sample size of four, that is only running at 50%.

Thanks, John. Good point.
It was a bit depressing getting knocked out at the very "first hurdle" last week.
I've been very keen on Braavos in the first tomorrow at about $3.40 a place, but not wanting to get "knocked out" first up I've gone for something "safer" as my first "go" ...Sir Aglovale in R3.
As we know so often from participation in PJ's comps over the years, always go with your first instinct.
Vamos Bebe was all the rage last start, thrown out by Jamie Richards as his best for the day, and gee it looked good in winning.

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19 hours ago, Caislean Cloiche said:



Event - Ellerslie -  1 -    R1 - 1 - Go Nicholas
Event - Ellerslie - 2 -   R3 - 3 - Flurobus   
Event - Ellerslie -  3 -   R5 - 3 - Hass  
Event - Ellerslie -  4   - R7 - 8 - Demonetization  
Event - Rosehill Gardens - 5 - R9 - 8 - Noble Boy
May luck rise with you all today



Event - Ellerslie - 2 -   R3 - 7 - Remarx - Thank's John

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