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Spring NPC Super Comp


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Just a heads-up for what is happening regarding the Spring Super Comp.

The Winter Draft Super Comp concludes on Sat Aug 13.

The following two weekends I have Open House duties at Arrowfield so these will be the Super Comp Spring Break !

I am on vacation the following weekend and possibly out of contact for a few days so the Spring NPC Super Comp will commence on Saturday September 10

It will consist of 8 teams and will run as a round-robin for the first 7 weeks after which the Top 4 teams will compete in a Finals Series on Oct 29 & Nov 5. The bottom 4 Teams will also have a Presidents Finals Series on those dates.

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This comp will start Sat Sep 10

Here are the teams from the last rendition:


MAGPIES - Jamison, Ian, Richie, Stevie N, Secret Squirrel

TURBOS - Steve P, Ziggy, Ray, Gary, Blind Squirrel

FERDIES - Heather, Tom, Maurice, Zac, PJ

SWAMP FOXES - Punter Pete, Maria, Harewood, Robert, Rees

HIGHLANDERS - Hesi, Rex, Midnight Caller, Craig, Rob

CHIEFS - Smiler, Gee, Our Maizcay, Trotslover, Jack

BLUES - Howie, Pete, Gordy, Roland, Geoff

KAURI KATS - Max, Jen, Pam, Sharne, Graeme

It's important that sometime in the next week you indicate if you:

a) wish to participate in the Spring Comp

b) wish to stay in your team from last time or seek a change

If you didn't play in the last NPC comp please feel free to join and if you have a team preference, please state

The format will be the same as for the current comp. The double and triple Jokers can only be played in Rounds 1-7

Any questions please ask

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We interrupt the Moet To The Max party (the one Max hosts at the end of every Comp, Win Lose or Draw) to say:

  • Congrats to the Puppet Masters
  • Commiserations to everyone else, including especially ourselves ..so damn unlucky (again)
  • Has anyone seen Heather…said she’d turn up with a magnum of you know what …is she lost in the Naki fog?
  • Someone get PJ another drink. Max has a reputation to uphold …

Arrivederci for now, folks …we’re on an ONJ Tribute and Max has to put his skates on ….



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