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Midweek 5 To Win - July Rnd 3 - Wed July 12 - Riccarton (Synthetic)


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The first - a MAAT race - might be tricky to negotiate with 1/3rd of the field first starters (and the real possibility of a two divvy contest) then we have a bunch of handicaps to wade through. Pete and Hesi have given us a target to chase so let's go.

 Good luck !

Just select one horse per race to run a dividend-bearing placing. See original thread for rules. You MUST replace normal scratchings or your entry will be invalid. Anyone can join in

Gary was the January Champion, Rob our February Champ and Gordy the Top Dog for March and May while Hesi triumphed in April. Tassie Tiger qualified in May and Graeme was the King of June. Who will be the July Queen or King?

1. Riccarton R4 - 1.42pm - Grand National Tickets On Sale Now - $19k, 1200m, MAAT

2. Riccarton R5 - 2.17pm - Skelton Brothers - $25k, 1200m, R76 hdcp

3. Riccarton R6 - 2.54pm - Dave Ferriman 50 Years Huntsman Christchurch Hunt - $25k, 1400m, R76 hdcp

4. Riccarton R7 - 3.29pm - Red Nose Raceday 28 July - $25k, 1600m, R73 hdcp

5. Riccarton R8 - 4.04pm - Racecourse Hotel & Motor Lodge - $25k, 2200m, R82 hdcp



138.90 Pete

114.20 Hesi

0.80 Maurice

0.80 Jamison

0.50 Rees

0.30 Rob

0 the rest

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19 hours ago, Taniwha99 said:

R4:  1

R5:  8

R6:  3

R7:  6

R8:  5


(Having Knee Replacement Surgery  , Be away a couple of days)

Good luck mate. Don't skimp on the post-op exercises and you will be A1. Speaking from experience here. My surgeon said I made the best post-op recovery he had ever seen (and he's seen many hundreds). Walking in 24 hours, swimming in 36 hours. Driving after 3 days. Back at work in a week. Full movement ever since ! 9 years no problems

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