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13 Days of Christmas Round 13 - Sat Dec 21 - Awapuni


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All Races 1-8 starting 12.45pm (NZ time)

Given the atrocious weather in the CD I will nominate Te Rapa on Saturday as an alternate venue for the Final Round. This will only be used if Awapuni is abandoned before any races are run. If less than 4 races are run at Awapuni before abandonment the final round will carry over complete with results so far to the Tapanui meeting at Gore on Sunday. If 4 or more races are run at Awapuni before abandonment then that meeting will count as the Final Round. Think about which races you are placing BBs on.


John vs Ray


Premier raceday on a track that runs truer than most with reasonable sized fields with many even contests including the Cup and the last race. Here are the 7 with a chance of winning the overall comp:

94.5 John*

90 Wrinkles*

70.5 Lisa*

61 Roland

59.5 Ray

57 Max

44.5 Midnight Caller

John looked to have this comp wrapped up a little while back but Wrinkles has closed right up on him and there are 4 guys biding their time at the back of the bunch clutching Jokers and waiting for that 50 point haul. Should be a great finish. Good luck everyone !

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Season's Greetings to all from Mustelid Maximus (The Rock of Bedrock), Mrs W, the Wee Weasels and the entire over-extended Weasel Whanau. Be kind to each other and stay safe. TAB says weather fine at Awapuni, but who can believe anything they say (or do)?


R1           5,8 BB

R2           1,11

R3           1,4

R4           4,6

R5           2,14

R6           5,10

R7           6,10

R8           8,13 BB


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These look good chances :-

  • R1) 4x7
  • R2) 5x8
  • R3) 1x2
  • R4) 1x4
  • R5) 1x14    BB
  • R6) 7x10    BB
  • R7) 3x6
  • R8) 10x13

Good luck everyone.

Thank you very much for this comp, PJ. It's been a cracker ! 

I'll be cheering on me mate John today, Bring it home, John ... both sides of the Comp ! 👍

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