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Nine Days of New Year Round 5 - Taupo/Werribee -Dec 30 entries here


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Round  5 - TAUPO

Races 1-8 - Race 1 starts at 12.20pm (10.20am Oz time)

Comp Race 9 - COFFS HARBOUR Race 3 - 4.45pm (2.45pm Oz time) - Sawtell Hotel Maiden Plate $22k, 1405m, maiden, SWs

Please note there are 9 races - the 8 from Taupo followed by the one from Oz

Werribee was abandoned due to extreme heat. Was pretty hot here today too: 42c

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Race 1: 1,7

Race 2: 9,11

Race 3: 12,15.

Race 4: 7,8.

Race 5: 3,5 bb

Race 6: 1,9

Race 7: 11,15

Race 8: 3,7 bb

Race 9: 4,5

Thanks Peter

I really like this format for the individual aspect of your comps.  You can accumulate points, and then have a go at the leaders with a joker play.  Whereas other previous comps, unless you scored in the top 10 or whatever, you scored nothing.

Maybe a second joker would add some more spice

Format is very important to these comps, just look at the team set up, and how so many people are into that

Cheers and hope you are not too hot, a pleasant 18 degrees here........sorry

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I'm looking to these likely sorts today to keep the momentum going :-

  • R1                 7x8                      Foogayzee     x  Mongolian Dynasty
  • R2                 9x13                   Craftyaffair     x Mannie's Power
  • R3                 8x12                   Let Me Tell Ya x Rail Queen
  • R4                  7x8         BB       Starring Role   x Brahma Sunset
  • R5                  1x8                    She's Not Bad x Penny Royal
  • R6                  6x11     BB        It's So Easy     x Festivity   
  • R7                  5x8                    Hay Tiger        x Daytona Red
  • R8                  2x3                    Uncle Bro       x Flourishing 
  • R9                  1x2                     Collingwood x Hardyo

Thank you, PJ, and good luck to everyone today.    

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