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Nine Days of New Year Round 7 - Tauranga/Geelong - Jan 2 entries here


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Round  7 - TAURANGA

Races 1-7 - Race 1 starts at 12.56pm (10.56am Oz time)

Comp Race 8 - GEELONG Race 6 - 5.30pm (3.30pm Oz time) - AJK Builders Hdcp - $35k, 1225m, BM64 hdcp

Please note there are 8 races - the 7 from Gate Pa followed by the one from Oz

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Good morning, folks.

I'll try these ones today :-

  • R1) 5x8
  • R2) 2x7      Best Bet
  • R3) 1x6
  • R4) 3x6      Best Bet
  • R5) 2x3
  • R6) 8x11
  • R7) 1x3
  • R8) 4x10

Good luck, everyone.

Am hoping I won't have a scratching in the Aussie race  cos I won't be around to replace any scratchingt, and the one at the bottom of the book doesn't look the brightest as a 'sub'. 😊

Thanks, PJ.

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Disappointing fields at Tauranga - 3 starters in a $15,000 Open Hcp (!?) Pathetic. Great racing yesterday at Ellerslie, though Maximus had an off day, running 4th in almost every race where he didn't run last. LOL. Worth going just to see Julius win the Railway. That's what racing is all about.

Beware the wounded Mustelid. (Mrs W is very wise, having taken the WeeWeasels to the beach today, leaving Maxi to lick his wounds, while keeping an eye on Gate Pa and promising to deal with the ant problem in the kitchen...grrrr! Have a nice time, darling ones!)

R1           3,5

R2           2,7

R3           4,6

R4           6,9 BB

R5           2,3

R6           6,10

R7           14,16

R8           5,10 BB

Edited by Maximus
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