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Autumn NPC Comp - Round 2 selection thread (Wellington Sunday)- Sat Mar 26


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Round 2 - Sun Mar 27 (Part 2)

With the abandonment of Rosehill on Saturday we go (by popular choice) to Wellington, NSW for a dose of quality country racing to finish the round.

Don't forget your best bets !


Selections Close off at 3.40 p.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

7. Wellington R4 - 4.40pm - KFC Wellington & Forbes County Magic Showcase Hdcp - $50k, 1100m, Class 1 hdcp

8. Wellington R5 - 5.15pm - Wellington Soldiers Memorial Club Wellington Town Plate Showcase Open Hdcp - $50k, 1100m, hdcp

9. Wellington R6 - 5.55pm - Keirle's Pharmacy Ian Giffin Wellington Showcase Cup Hdcp - $100k, 1700m, hdcp

10. Wellington R7 - 6.40pm - Over The Line Racing Wellington Boot Showcase - $201k, 1100m, 2yos SW+Ps

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Boom or Bust day for 'Once Was Too Fast' against a runaway leader Maria. 😊
Taken some 'hairy' things in the hope that something will stick, as I set out to bridge the gap.
Could be a long day at the office...as I see that our Just Plodded is busy studying the track conditions for Trentham, not realising that we're dealing with
Wellington, New South Wales. 😔 
Where do we get these staff ? ☺️ Still ..... Geoff's not the one trailing $0 - $280 in his personal match-up. 
Good luck today, folks .... and as always ..... Go the Mighty Blues. Nostrils in front, and looking to hang on. 🙂
Thanks, PJ.

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These are mine for today !
No peeking, Maria. You know you want to. 😁

7. Wellington R4     :   7 & 11

8. Wellington R5    :    7 & 11

9. Wellington R6    :    3 & 4       Best Bet

10. Wellington R7  :     2 & 6

Thanks, PJ.

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45 minutes ago, TooFast said:

Geoff's not the one trailing $0 - $280 in his personal match-up

But still significantly behind Robert after Manrico’s “I hope the stewards check the brand” form reversal.
Research shows mainly favs prevailed at Wellington (north west of Sydney) on Friday so that does not leave us a lot of wriggle room if that happens today.
Damn I thought Robert would have posted by now, the fields have been known at least 5 mins. Now is not the time to change a winning strategy Robert! I need 8 different candidates with winning potential.

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R7: 1, 3
R8: 1, 12
R9: 5, 10
R10: 9, 13 BB

There were no fixed odds available for the "small" meetings last night and would you believe it... I managed to select the 2x favs in all 4 races without knowing anything about the horses. I hope that is an omen.
Not about to commit the cardinal sin of PJ comps and change any.

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