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The Race Place

Post Day 1 selections here please

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Here they go at the 'Bool'. I'm surprised they still have races jumping over things. Watch an Aintree Grand National on youtube and you just wonder....... 

R1/  3

R2/   7

R3/   4

R4/   3

R5/   8

R6/   4

R7/   9

R8/   4

R9/   13

R10/   3 bb BB

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R1-8 The Beehive.

R2-7 Zedstar.

R3-4 Killourney.

R4-11 Pontedera.

R5-4 Bubble Palace.

R6-5 Vanguard.

R7-8 Boyszee.

R8-2 Bermadez.BB

R9-3 Shotmaker.

R10-10 Home Rule.


Thanks again Pete for your help,and good luck everyone.

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Posted (edited)

Max last went to the BOOL in 2015 ...froze his Mustelidian gonads off!! Great day out though!

R1 6

R2 1

R3 5

R4 2

R5 4

R6 4

R7 2

R8 4

R9 3

R10 10 BB

Thanks to Mardy and Pete for their work.

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